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Antisocial Personality Disorders Among Criminals Essay

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Antisocial Personality Disorders among Criminals
Antisocial personality disorder is very common among criminals. Criminals normally have had something in their lives happen to cause these acts of violence or rule-breaking to occur. Personality disorders and social problems are common not only in criminals, but in the general population. The extent to which innocent people are effected by disorders from criminals are diverse, with some actually losing their lives and loved ones. This report it will include: signs of antisocial personality disorders among criminals, testing, the trigger of these criminals to act out, causes, statics, treatment and how people around the criminal are affected ...view middle of the document...

), lies to gather favors and/or goods, and stealing items without asking the victim with permission. (Long, n.d.). Antisocial personality disorders normally show up in a person’s life in early childhood to teen years, from the point on the person usually has this disorder all the way into the adult years.
Antisocial personality disorder is often referred to as psychopathy or sociopathy are recognized as professional labels use for diagnosis. (“Antisocial Personality Disorder symptoms.”). There is no real cause for this disorder, although there is many theories. “Most professionals subscribe to a bio psychosocial model causation – that is the causes of are likely due to a biological and genetic factors, social interaction.” For example: This is normally identified in early development and conducted around family, friends and other personnel. (“Antisocial Personality Disorder symptoms.”). There is no single cause for a person to have this personality disorder. Although, “research suggests that there is a slight increase risk for this disease to be passed down to a child is one or both parents have this disorder.” (“Antisocial Personality Disorder symptoms.”). A cause of this could be from the environment the criminal grew up in to where they are living today.
Trigger to antisocial personality disorders among criminals are normally from environment, parent(s), PTSD, drugs, a loss of a close love one in their life, and much more. Environment can play a role in this, for example the criminal can live in a rural part of a city or town and grow up around poverty, gangs and drugs. Parent(s) can be a major role in this as well. If you grow up in a house with only a single parent it is possible that the criminal can gain resent towards a missing parental figure such as a mother or father. This could make the criminal lash out and target people that look and act like that figure missing. It is rare that military personnel lash out because of PTSD but it does happen. Such as loud noises can trigger the PTSD and make the person think they are in combat or in the line of duty and start criminal violence. Drugs, this could happen if the person has an addition problem not only to drugs but alcohol as well. Some with the addiction can possibly go through withdrawal and start a physical aggression act that is criminal, and then from that point on will do what it takes to get that high. A loss of a love one does not have to be just death. It is rather common that it can be a major break up, or a loss of...

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