Antogone Written By Sophecles Ismene Argues That It Is Hopeless To Embark On A Hopeless Task. Antigone Is Furious.

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Ismene argues that it is hopeless to embark on a hopeless task. Antigone is furious.Antigone is furious that her uncle Creon has given funeral honours to one of her brothers but not to the other. Creon has made the decision to leave Polynices unburied, unwept, and a feast for the birds. Antigone feels Creon has defied her and her sister and feels he has no right to keep her from her own blood. She wants Ismene to help her go against Creon's orders and bury their brother. And if she is killed for it, she will die an honourable death. She'll be happy to lie beside her brother whom she loves. Antigone belives they have only little time to please the living but all eternity to please the dead. She strongly believes it is her duty and she will be defying the laws of heaven to not even attempt to burry him.Ismene argues she does not defy the laws of heaven ;but she cannot act against the state. She is to weak to go against her uncles orders. She cannot take the chance because she feels it is almost an impossible task. She is scared that the only outcome will be death. Ismene believes it is hopeless to try and fight against men who are much stronger than herself and Antigone is bound to fail.I agree with Antigone. If I was in her position I would defiantly do something. I could not go on living if I just...

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519 words - 2 pages . Another time is towards the end of the novel, where Daisy runs into Myrtle in Gatsby's car. Lots of what we hear is gossip and second hand news, also distorted or changed by media persons or innocent bystanders. We also cannot overlook the possibility of a direct lie in the novel. The text deals with murder, affairs, material love and secrets. It would be quite p[ probable that Nick was lied to a few times.The narrator can position us to like or

Antigone Tragic Hero Essay about "Antigone," by Sophocles. Discusses why Antigone is NOT a tragic hero and compares her to Oedipus, who IS a tragic hero.

899 words - 4 pages being aware of that destiny. Antigone, on the other hand, was fully aware of her destiny and duty. Had she been called stubborn, she would have agreed. She made it clear to Ismene that she intended to die when she said "Say that I'm mad, and madly let me risk the worst that I can suffer and the best: A death that martyrdom can render blest" (p. 195). Not only did Antigone know what she was getting herself into, she also knew that others would think

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2006 words - 8 pages was born in Rosario, Argentina on June 14, 1928 into a liberal middleclass family. He obtained a degree in medicine from the University of Buenos Aires before embarking on travels around much of Latin America where his eyes began to open to the depth of poverty and suffering of his fellows. Whilst in Guatemala, Guevara sees firsthand the government of Jacobo Arbenz overthrown by a CIA coordinated military organization and it appears that this

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899 words - 4 pages nigger!" (pg 275) It is clear that due to the privileging of this character, readers are positioned to question the strong racial prejudice views that are associated with many of the white people in Maycomb.Another important aspect of understanding the text is foregrounding and privileging. Foregrounding is the process by which our reading is guided by the use of specific language to create one meaning over another, whilst privileging, as a result

This is a letter to the editor of a newspaper. It argues about ex-offenders getting a second chance at work. ;-) Enjoy!

721 words - 3 pages agree with Tom about Councilman Coats getting a pat on the back for backing the legislation for ex-offenders getting fair hiring procedures. My opinion is backed by the fact that I know many ex-offenders and ex-felons that are really reformed and need a job in order to stay reformed. Because not only is a job a source of income, it is also an important tool in the maintenance of self-order. It feels real good to do things on your own, especially

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973 words - 4 pages exceptions); the concept of maladministration being relatively narrow and being linked to injustice suffered as a result of a decision; a significant number of matters fall outside his jurisdiction- a survey by the Select Committee shows that the advantages of retaining the filter system outweigh the disadvantages. It may, therefore, be concluded that Ombudsman makes a significant contribution to the task of ensuring that government decision-making is conducted in defensible ways and produces defensible results.

"What is Democracy" This is an essay written about democracy. It a reaction of an average person as to what democracy means to them. This is not a step by step definition of the political system

1354 words - 5 pages ironies of these facts is that most citizens of democratic countries do not know what the word democracy means and what it represents. "A citizen of America will cross the ocean to fight for democracy, but wont cross the street to vote in a national election." Bill VaughanThe Oxford dictionary defines democracy as government by the people, direct or representative. In Canada we have a representative democracy that allows us to pick our political

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