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Antoin Dvorak's Outlook On Life Through Music

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In describing the great composer, Antonin Dvorak's music, one music scholar stated that it “expresses joy in life, love of man and nature, faith in God, and devotion to his country.” 1 Renowned as one of the greatest Czech composer to live, he took advantage of the Romantic era to create his own variations on music. Looking into key parts of his life, his music, and his outlook on life will give a greater idea of Dvorak's true existence.

Born in 1841 on September 8, Dvorak entered a world of poverty in Bohemia, now known as the Czech Republic. Being the eldest sibling of eight, their family barely made ends meet with their inn and butcher services. After showing promise of great ...view middle of the document...

Because of his different style, many of pieces reached popularity during his time. Only after his departure from previous traditions did people start noticing him. His patriotic themes in his music served as one of the key elements that gained Dvorak his fame. In his composition, From the New World, roots of African spirituals and other influences specifically from the American culture showed up for the first time together. The piece reflected the American roots and became his most famous work known to this day. The fact that he wove folk music in with his instrumental melodies endeared him to his audience all over the globe. Both Czech and American influences can be heard. Although admiring the great composers that came before him, he still created his own unique twist in music that earned his name a place with the other great composers.

Opposed to other composers, Dvorak carried a more positive outlook on his life. From a young child, even though surrounded by poverty, he remained dedicated to his music. He worked hard to do his best in all things whether composing or just...

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