Anton Pavlovic Chekhov: "Love" Essay

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In "Love", Anton Pavlovic Chekhov underlines that the meaning of the love, the effects of it on people and the emotions when people fall in love by telling one part of his life that contains his love to a girl.There are too many characters in the story. The background characters are the mother of the girl, girl's relations, her brother, her maid and a shop man. The main characters of the story are Chekhov and the girl. Chekhov portrays himself as a man who is really ...view middle of the document...

In the story, Chekhov tells what he does after he fall in love to Sasha. He cannot sleep; he feels love in every parts of his body and writes a love letter to Sasha. Here Chekhov demonstrates what kind of feelings people have when first fire of the love fall in their hearts and shows the small part of the love's power.He tells his engagement and the way, which takes him to marriage. He finds the engagement boring and claims that an engaged man is not a husband but also he is not free at all. He cannot say he is either bachelor or marry. By saying this he touches on an engaged man's thoughts although there is a love there. Moreover he portrays people's emotions when they go to their fiancé's house and leave there alone or someone from the relations in a room. At the same time, at the end of the story he states in although these kind of things make people angry or something like that, people can forgive everything and even can forget everything for love and love will always powerful against these problems, it forgives everything and this shows how powerful it is.In conclusion, although Chekhov doesn't give the definition of love exactly, he indicates the power of it and what it means by his expressions and attitudes in the story.

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