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Antonio Dvorak Musical Talents Are A Gift From God

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"Do not wonder that I am so religious. An artist who is not could not produce anything like this." (-Antonio Dvorak) A person of humble origins and demeanor and of deep faith, Antonio Dvořák often attributed his musical talents as being "a gift from God." His Bohemian nationalist music spurred generations of folk and romantic music to continue on into the 19th Contrary. He followed the path of God and it showed through in his music. To further understand the totality of Dvorak’s life, we must examine his personal life, career, and legacy.
Born in September 8, 1841, in the Bohemian village of Nelahozeves, near Prague, in what was then Bohemia, Antonio Dvorak was inundated with Bohemian nationalist folk music from a young age. His father, who played the zither, first exposed young Dvorak to the music that would launch his career. At the age of six he began studying music, and attended Prague’s only organ school, graduating with proficiency in many instruments including the organ, violin, viola, and piano. In the 1860s, he began teaching piano lessons, and it was through them that he met his future wife, Anna Čermáková. He and his wife had nine children, three of which survived infancy. He cultivated a friendship with Johannes Brahms, who greatly influenced the young musician. He traveled abroad extensively, especially at the urging of his friends Brahms and Tchaikovsky, and was granted an honorary degree from the University of Cambridge.
Antonio Dvorak first began practicing music at the age of 18, upon graduating from schooling. Throughout the 1860s, he played the viola for Bohemian Provisional Theater Orchestra, and taught piano lessons to supplement his income. After his marriage, he secured the position of organist at St. Adalbert’s Church in Prague, where he gained the free time with which he composed many of his nationalist romantic works including his 5th Symphony, String Quintet No. 2, Piano Trio No. 1 and Serenade for Strings in E. In 1892, he moved to America, where he occupied the position of director of the National Conservatory of Music in New...

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