Antonio P. Meloto Jr's Community Leadership Award

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“Passion driven by love is more powerful than passion driven by anger.”
Back at 1957, we had lost our beloved President Ramon Magsaysay to a plane crash and it was a difficult time for the Filipinos. It’s 2014 already and everyone still remembers him. Every year, in history class, I would be sitting on my desk as my teacher discusses about him in awe. It had never dawned on me how, unlike others, I wouldn’t be able to see him walk through the streets of Manila wearing a plain t-shirt and sandals helping a random child or watch him give yet another scholarship to a blessed student. But even if I would never be able to see the late president Ramon Magsaysay, I would be able to see his influence on others, how they, like him, have made a difference in their own ways- the Ramon Magsaysay awardees.
Every year the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award is given to an individual in Asia who embodies the character of the late president in certain fields of activity- government service; public service; community leadership; journalism, literature and creative communication arts; peace and international understanding; and emergent leadership. 8 years ago, this award was given to Antonio P. Meloto Jr., also known as Tito Tony, in the field of community leadership.
I have chosen to write about him because his story isn’t like any “rags to riches” story. He may have come from a poor family; He may have studied hard to acquire scholarships and after some time he had his fairy tale ending- owning his own house, driving a yellow Toyota, and meeting his princess, Amalia “Lyn” Dizon. But this is where all similarities end because this wasn’t his “happily ever after” yet. No, this was just the beginning.
After settling comfortable in his new job, it emotionally burned him out and he started coming home drunk, causing his family distress. This did not stop until his daughter called him a monster knocked some sense into him. He started joining Couples for Christ and this was where he...

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