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Antony And Cleopatra Essay

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“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Abraham Lincoln.Powerplay occurs between various institutions, ideologies, individuals and in different forms. In essence, it is the attaining and wielding of power for personal agendas. The powerful and their situations can be represented in various ways, offering many insights into the nature of politics. The fulfilment of personal desire through the control of others is Powerplay at its simplest. Power, moreover, is largely seen to be transient, and not everlasting, rather, a temporary source of greatness and dominance. Although power has many sources, it evidently manifests itself most vibrantly and vividly in human relationships, that is, through people, events and personalities. This is ultimately seen in the Shakespearean drama tragedy, “Antony and Cleopatra”, the film, “Men Of Our Time: Hitler” and the satirical novel “Animal Farm”, by George Orwell. The concepts of shift in power, betrayal and concealment of information, are evidently portrayed in these texts. Although the texts differ in their style, form and structure, the general principle concerning the manifestation and interpretation of power is common to all.In the focus text Antony and Cleopatra, the powerful are portrayed as extremely artificial and, in their artifice, extremely attractive. Shakespeare’s characters speak in verse and rhythmic iambic pentameter to capture the essence of the powerful illusions upon which they are entirely dependent to maintain their influence. This is most overly true of Cleopatra, the quintessential drama queen. Her attempts to keep Antony from returning to Rome in the first act are evident of this. Even as she is disparaging Caesar, Fulvia, Antony, and Rome, “who knows/ if the scarce bearded Caesar have not sent/ his powerful to mandate you”, and using all her apparent sexual power and feminine wiles to influence Antony, “If you find him sad/ say I am dancing; if in mirth, report/ That I am sudden sick.”, her performance drips such sarcasm, irony and intelligence that she also manages to voice shrewd insights into the superficiality of relationships between rulers, whereby it is never certain if the union is a cold, political alliance or true affection. Moreover, in the Battle of Actium, Cleopatra’s strong sexual power is largely manifested; this demonstrated when she leaves the battle, Antony following in close pursuit. “…our leaders led/ and we are women’s men.”In Men of Our Time: Hitler, Hitler is worshipped, revered, poignant and exalted by his people. His apparent material power is evident immediately as he is ultimately shown standing on high podium, low camera angles ultimately manifesting his superiority, and the power he bears. His great sense of oratorical power adds to the persuasiveness associated with his talk, hence, easily able to manipulate and...

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1956 words - 8 pages they lost. While Caesar may have world power, their actions give them the far superior prize of immortality.   Works Cited and Consulted Adelman, Janet. The Common Liar: An Essay on Antony and Cleopatra. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1973. Bamber, Linda. "Gender and Genre." Modern Critical Interpretations: William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Ed. Harold Bloom. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1988. 109-35

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