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"Antony And Cleopatra", William Shakespeare Discuss Shakespeare's Explanation Of The Reality Behind Outward Appearances Through His Dramatization Of Change In The Play.

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Shakespeare attempts to explain the interrelationship of reality behind outward appearance and change. He has remarked two statements regarding the interrelationship of these two themes that run through the play. He has stated that the truth of today is not the truth of tomorrow that nothing is constant and the world is in a state of flux. He has also suggested- that something remains unchanged and when a change of mood occurs, the truth behind these appearances is revealed. Swift Change suggests a play of outward appearance. William Shakespeare has explained the theme of reality behind appearances through his dramatization of change in the play " Antony and Cleopatra". The change in the play are the political situation, Enorbarbus's loyalty, Caesar's change, Antony's change- in his attitude toward Cleopatra and in his valiant nature.In the play, the political situation changes quickly- the swiftness of the change suggests the truth behind the relationship of the three triumvirates. The turn of events- the assassination of Pompey, the capture of Lepidus and the condemnation of Antony all occurred quickly. In the swiftness of the change of events- all in favor of Caesar, himself- there is suggestion that Caesar has either suddenly become very fortunate- or he has decided to let his ambitions run wild. By having the change occur quickly and swiftly in a few scenes, William Shakespeare has illustrated that swift unexpected change shows the truth behind the appearance of sincerity, solidity in the relationship of the three triumvirates is very fragile indeed. He has also illustrated how a change in event will bring out the true nature of people- the defeat of pompey means Caesar no longer has any need for Lepidus so he imprisions him out of ambition.Enorbarbus's loyalty illustrates that the truth of today is not the truth of tomorrow. Enorbarbus appears in the very beginning of the play to be a very devoted follower of Antony, but he too with the change of the tide decides to submit himself to Caesar. This suggests how wavering human nature is. The quick regret and grief that follows re-emphasize the fact.However, change does not only brings a change in the heart- change also brings out the truth behind outward appearance. Antony's love for Cleopatra is an example. Antony appears to be obsessed with Cleopatra and have good opinions of her and Egypt that is associated with her. But deep inside he is a roman at heart. The change of fortune for Antony leads...

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