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Mili Shrestha
AP Comp. Period 3
Antony’s Speech Analysis-Julius Caesar
- Antony’s argument against Brutus was so convincing that Antony made the people burn down
Brutus and Cassius’ houses and chase them out of Rome.
- When Antony begins his speech, he addresses the citizens as friends and then asks them to
listen. After that he implies that he respects Caesar but does not love him. Antony then begins
his argument against Brutus, the man who killed Caesar. As he begins his attack, Antony
plainly states what his problem with Brutus is. He then poses several questions about Caesar
that he proceeds to answer. The first two are about Caesar’s ambition and the last one is aimed
at the audience.
- “What cause with hold you then to mourn for him?” is Antony’s first rhetorical question. He
immediately answers and then gives the crowd time to talk.
- He tops this section off by producing Caesar’s will that he says he found in his closet. But he
refuses to read it to the clamoring crowd. Then he picks up Caesar’s cloak and shows the
crows where Brutus stabbed Caesar. He goes on about how Brutus did the actual gory deed.
He holds the crowd back as they begin to discuss pillaging Brutus’s home. He does...

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