Anxiety Disorders And How They Effect Others

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Anxiety. What is anxiety? Anxiety is described as a normal emotion every person runs into at times. What is an anxiety disorder? “Anxiety disorders are characterized by symptoms of thoughts that are intrusive and/or disturbing, intense psychological arousal, and highly negative appraisals of past experiences” (Jessica Swan 2013). Disorders in the processing of fear-related information are likely to be the underlying cause of some anxiety disorders in humans such as posttraumatic stress. An anxiety disorder is a much more severe problem. Anxiety disorders are caused by many symptoms and are frequently linked with depressing trends. Anxiety can be either genetically inherited or come from the brain itself. Based on (P. SAH 2013) “The amygdaloid complex is where the emotion of anxiety comes from the amygdaloid complex is a group of more than 10 nuclei that are located in the mid-temporal lobe of the brain”. It is believed that a slight amount of anxiety is regular in a human being and that a mild amount of anxiety is necessary to change and progress with new ways of handling stress. Anxiety disorders can also be caused by everyday life factors. What is considered an anxiety disorder? Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Phobias, and Panic Disorders. All which are very serious and when things get serve treatment and medication may have to be taken. “Anxiety disorders affect an approximate of 17% of the community” (Jessica Swan 2013)
Those with OCD usually tend to constantly have thoughts and or fears that one cannot control this is when the anxiety produced by these thoughts leads them to an urgent need to perform certain routines This is where the term Obsessive comes to play. Generalized Anxiety disorder is a much more common type of anxiety with a “lifetime prevalence of 6.1%” (DJ Stein 2013). GAD is described as an excessive/exaggerated disorder. This happens when people worry for no obvious reasons with everyday life events. GAD is more of a worry about work, school, family, health, and money problems. Generalized anxiety affects the way a person thinks and acts. Post-Traumatic Stress disorder is also described as a state of shock. PTSD is developed after a person suffers a traumatic event in which caused severe physical harm in which left them traumatized. Events such as sexual and physical assault, an accident, natural disasters, a death, and war. Phobias are described as an “intense, irrational fear of something that poses little or no actual danger” (NIH 2009) Things such as insects, heights, flying and dogs are examples of things humans can be afraid of. Phobias happen to also be past events where people have had unpleasant encounters with such things and when they are faced with similar occasions this precise fear/anxiety is aroused all over again. These phobias are usually created around the childhood age and are persistent throughout adulthood. A panic...

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