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Anxiety In Post Open Heart Patients Essay

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Concept analysis of Anxiety
For many decades nursing has been developing tools to assist with development of theoretical and conceptual bases. Concept analysis has been identified by Walker and Avant (2005) as encouraging communication within the discipline it is being research in. Walker and Avant (2005) also point out that “the results of the concept analysis, the operational definition, the antecedents, and the defining attributes can provide scientists with an excellent beginning for a new tool or an excellent way to evaluate an old one” (p.64). Walker and Avant (2005) based their process on a “simplified” version of Wilson’s (1963) concept analysis procedure whereby there were 11 steps. Walker and Avant (2005) have condensed this process to 8 steps. For this particular concept analysis this is the process that will be used. The current nursing diagnosis “anxiety” will be used in this study as set forth by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association.
Selection of the Concept
Within Walker and Avant (2005) the selection of a concept is the first step with concept analysis. With selection of a concept choice is important as it relates to the research within the area of interest. The concept needs to build on the phenomenon of concern within the discipline. With this in mind the concept of “anxiety” is in need of being examined as it relates to the post open-heart population. A tool is needed to identify anxiety associated specifically with the post open-heart patient in mind. Moreover anxiety has been scientifically researched and is in need of careful analysis for this population (Anjali & Ulrich, 2007; Akansel & Kaymaki, 2007; Christensen, 2007). The tool proposed is the Subjective Unit Discomfort Scale (Wolpe & Lazarus, 1996). The scale ranges from 0 to 10. The scale is intended for those persons that are in “anxiety-provoking” situations. According to Kazdin and Wilcoxin (1976) “research has shown a positive relationship between frequency, length, and intensity of exposure and decrease in SUDS ratings (as cited in Antony, Orsillo, & Roemer, 2001, p. 21).
The Aims of the Analysis
The aim of this analysis was to clarify the meaning of the concept of anxiety in relationship to patients in the acute care setting. Specific sub-aims were to identify current operational definitions of anxiety, identify the antecedents and consequences of anxiety, determine the defining attributes of anxiety, and identify the empirical referents for the critical attributes of anxiety.
Uses of the Concept
There are many uses of the concept of anxiety within different disciplines and it is necessary to review these. By uncovering the multiple aspects of a concept, according to Walker and Avant (2005), this strengthens the effectiveness of the results. The Oxford English Dictionary (2010) defines “anxiety” as “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome”. Webster...

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