Anxiety In Young Adults Essay

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Have you ever felt like you were in a panic or fearful of something, if so then you are facing the common symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety in young adults is a great topic to lean towards due to this time in age where technology and social media is a factor. Many anxiety disorders in young adults are social phobias, generalized anxiety disorders (GAD), and panic attacks.
Young adults are feared by many things and some are social phobias. For example, social phobias would be public speaking, which many people dread and some young adults fear this much more than others. These young adults are at risk for having depression. In a 2001 article about social anxiety explains, how young adults might need intervention to get through their anxiety and depression, this could be there only medicine (Stein 2001). Many studies have been linked to social phobias in young adults by doing surveys. Furthermore, women had a higher rate at social phobia than males. These studies assume that substance use was a factor in their lives leading them to depression and social phobia’s. I believe this can be true, since nowadays many young adults are smoking marijuana. In addition, researchers have found that young adults who have social phobias are insecure about their bodies. They are found to be anorexic with eating disorders linked to the anxiety they get in their young age (Wittchen 1999). I also believe this because in high school these young adults are faced with so many problems to fit in. That being said, insecurity was always in my head while I was a high school student. Everybody wants to fit in and not being able to can cause the mind to get the anxiety.
Experiencing needless worries and constant nervousness, then you may have the generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Some young adults who have generalized anxiety disorders probably have had a violent childhood. In a recent article it explains how any type of violence in a child's life can lead to depression and anxiety disorders (Slopen 2012). The symptoms for this disorder may be “palpitations, trembling, dizziness, sweating, diarrhea, nausea, and trouble sleeping” (Wood, Wood 1996). Young adults suffering from this disease have a tendency to worry a lot, they may be stressed about school, family, or their social life. Having the effects of anxiety may be traumatic, because you are always having the feeling to have something on your mind. Many women are facing generalized anxiety disorder than men, a question a doctor might ask a patient that may be diagnosed with (GAD) is “are you having trouble with nerves?” Thats because nerves is a huge factor in this disorder that many are faced with. Moreover, young adults who are having difficulties with this disorder tend to not ask for help. They think they are just stressed out and there past is a big influence in their future with this disorder. For example if they witnessed violence in their past, their future will reflect on it. Being an angry young adult in high...

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