Any Farming Is Good Farming Essay

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Any Farming is Good Farming

In the future you will go to the grocery store and pay $15 a pound for Pork, and $20 a pound for Beef. World hunger outside the United States will be running rampant because of an inadequate food supply. Houses will start to pop up on all of the United States prime farmland. If we continue to bash corporate farming, this is the world we would be looking at. Family farms would thrive because there is little competition. The world as a whole would suffer because the small farms in the United States could no longer supply the world, let alone its own citizens, with food.

The farming industry as a whole is failing and that is why we see family farms disappearing from the landscape of America. America has lost 300,000 farmers since 1979 (Wilkinson). Dr. Hudson, a professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Illinois, stated in the Chicago Tribune, "As an overall industry, farming presents little chance for growth." He then went on to state, "Farming itself is not a growth area… The challenge for farmers is to be good managers" (Gunset). People have to be good farm managers to be successful no matter how large the farm may be.

People against the corporate farming system want to say that large farms are putting the small farms out of business. This is absolutely not true. The main reason I feel family farms are struggling is because farming is labor- intensive industry. You never have a break from it. Everyday farmers have to feed the animals, maintain their crops, and maintain their facilities, all while worrying about the weather and their finances. People don’t want to work as hard as necessary to run a farm on a family level.

I have to say that any farming is good farming. Farming is a true bond with land and animals and whether it is funded by corporations or not, it is important. The leader of the National Family Farm Coalition, Bill Cristison states, " There needs to be a far greater understanding in this country about the important role of family farmers in providing for our nations food supply and food security" (Christison). The truth is family farms do not produce enough goods to support the demand in the United States. People can’t see that we need corporate farming and it is a good thing for the national government to support any type of farming. In my mind, Cristison must not want to support farming at all because he rejects the 2002 Farm Bill. Cristison states, "Representative Larry Combest, the House Agriculture Committee chairman, has said publicly that the winners of this Farm Bill are American farmers. I strongly disagree. The winners of this farm bill are corporate agribusiness" (Christison). This bill was going to deliver income to farms through the taxpayer. This would make up for losses that ANY farmer may take. Why would Cristison be against this if he is for farming? Family farms are getting the money as well. This bill is very fair; if you have a larger farm you will receive...

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