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Anyone Can Become A Story Teller

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Every story is a tapestry and every person can be the weaver . Big Fish is about a young man who struggles with his father’s tendency to blend fiction into his stories. Having spent many years at odds with each other, the tense pair is faced with one last opportunity to make amends and in the process find out that fiction doesn’t always mean it’s not true. Directed by Tim Burton, Big Fish explores the idea that there is a bit of storyteller in us all . Through Edward Bloom’s hyperboles told through tall tales and some ironic story telling endeavors, one learns that anyone can become a story teller.
Humans have a tendency to overstate, but hyperboles are just people’s way of trying ...view middle of the document...

Maybe this is because of pride or the need to be seen as unique, but maybe just maybe, it’s nothing more than a person’s inner story teller needing to be expressed and the best way they can do that is by stretching the facts bit by bit . In this way, everyone who has ever told an overstatement has become a story teller, if not for that second alone they enhanced the detail. As for some people, the ones who love the facts, their inner story teller doesn’t get out all that often, but when it does, the world is in for a great surprise.
Sometimes the most unexpected person will tell the most unexpected story, which is a lovely ironic situation. Will Bloom had despised his father’s anecdotes for majority of his life, once he finally grew up and realized that they were fabrications. When Will’s father, Edward Bloom, lay dying in his hospital bed, Will surprised himself when his inner story teller insisted on making an appearance. He followed in his father’s footsteps and fabricated a story, one with details that are hardly realistic and could never occur but the listener would believe it anyway. Will, the journalist who detested fictional stories, was telling a story fit to be told by the big fish himself, Edward. This scene was situational irony at its best, considering Will’s contempt for the fictional world and rocky relationship with his father and he ended up telling a...

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