Anywhere You Look, There Is A Lesson That Could Be

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Anywhere you look, there is a lesson that could be learned. Relationships, responsibilities, and even the slow common rituals of daily life can act as classrooms to be discovered and filled. The lesons that are learned there mold the thinking of many creators as they channel there experiences into there creations. The results are profound. Music, sculptures, and literature are produced out of any given artist's frame of reference, which is simply where they are coming from. Anyone in this world can create using there own ability to tap into the wisdom of past and present. Change is an inevitable facet of life, whether daily or over time. It is the fear of change that cripples the freedom that one could experience every morning as they walk out the door. What these fearful people do not realize is that if allowed, the conforming world around them may stretch them into a position that they have never been before, and could consequently open there eyes to wonderful new things. Creative or not, that person will find a yearning desire to express their new found feelings in some sort of fashion or another. Although it is not the only method in our grasp, many have found adequate fullfillment through various forms of writing. The options of expression that a writer has are virtually endless. In writing, the author faces countless choices in the whole process of his or her work. Like a lost person trying navigate their way through a maze, the writer must make decisions on where to go and when to turn, and make those decisions wisely. Because the words that they put down on paper often stem from experiences that plague the heart, writing can be personal, it can be offensive, and it can hurt. However on the flip side of this, readers can be uplifted, they can be encouraged, and human lives can be changed for good. On either side, the effect of literature produced is that an audience will most likely betargeted and reached. The content of the writers work can quite possibly have long lasting effects on the reader or listener. Opinions are formed and minds are shaped through the communication of the writer's thoughts and beliefs. Although an author's creativity can be a wide avenue in which stereotypes and racisms can travel, it can also work to heal and restore a society very much in need. There is a creative canal that can be formed only by the creator. It begins from the "heart" of him or her, where their memories and opinions are stored, and it flows to the outer limits of there being. They are able to record their thoughts as they vent their frustration, wounds, or even joy, as they mold their clay. Whatever it may be, that slab of clay will hold much weight in the development of a paticular person. It will shine a light into the authors ability and strength to experience life's difficulties and triumphs, learn and gain wisdom from them, and then to release their emotions in order to move on with life. In many cases, the...

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