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Ao1 (A) Investigating Business' Actais And Longleat How Aims And Objectives Of Plc's And Ltd's Are Meet To Customers Needs

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Actaris & Longleat::AO1 (a)::Actaris:1 year in existence, 100 years' experienceCreated in November 2001, the Actaris group took over all the activities of Resource Management Services (RMS),They are the only international group entirely dedicated to metering electricity, gas and heating. This is achieved by making and installing high quality meters that measure these factors.::Activities:The main activities of the company are;1) R+D (Research and development) into new and recent products is an important element in maintaining and improving the quality and efficiency of the product. New technologies are used in the manufacture of the products to ensure that they are user friendly and are met to the specific needs of the providers (companies) and the users (the public, households). R+D is the key to meeting customer needs, maintaining profitability and ensuring high quality products, which are their main aims.CAD (computer aided design) is one of the stages used in the design process to ensure the final product is met to the requirements. CAM (computer aided manufacturing) is another process used for the manufacturing process. Both of these computer-aided stages are used to ensure that the product is manufactured to the highest possible standard. After the final product has been made the business makes notes on customer feed back making sure that upgrades and improvements can be made using R+D to guarantee the product will be at the top of the market.2) Customer Services also needs to be at a high standard to ensure that customers are happy with the products and services so that the customer is not lost to another company offering better customer services. Staff must be treated wit respect to make sure they are happy and well motivated, this can be achieved by paying them with a reasonable salary, treating them with respect by ensuring their health and well-being is at a good state and giving them and close-family members a discount on the companies products.Although word-of-mouth advertising is invaluable, a more efficient advertisement can be more reliable and ensures a growing customer base, particularly relating to certificates such as ISO 9000 and ISO 9001. This certificate lets customers know that the standard of their product is of a high quality also that the company is prepared to be responsible for the quality of their products, hopefully will this not only maintain the market share position but lead to an increase in sales."Happy Staff Make Good Staff"3) TQM (Total Quality Management) Actaris operates a TQM system. This means that every employee in the business is seen as responsible for the quality of the product. It is important when using such a scheme that the right people are recruited, those that are able to take responsibility for the quality of the final product thus insuring that manufacturing costs are minimized during each stage of the process, this procedure will cut costs, assuming that the right staff...

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