Aol Kidnapped My Dog Essay

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Don't subscribe to AOL! I had no idea what I was getting into. I saw all of those T.V.commercials about that amazing information superhighway and somehow I got theimpression that AOL was the core of it all. I signed up for the free ten hours on my creditcard and tried it out. At first, it didn't seem so bad so I decided to stay with them for afew months, maybe longer. That's when all the trouble started.In their public chat channels everytime I said a word that they considered to be offensivesuch as 'sex', 'dog' or 'compuserve' I would get kicked off. At first I didn't know why, Ijust figured they were having troubles with their speedy 9600 baud connections. When Ifinally figured it out, I sent some e-mail to AOL telling them how displeased I was. Abouta month later, after they finally got the mail, I got a reply stating that they didn't care formy attitude and were deducting $15 from my account for the trouble.Needless to say, I wasn't too happy with this so I decided I didn't need the internet andsent some e-mail back, requesting that they cancel my account. Two months later, I wasstill getting billed for their service on my Mastercard and it had reached the $9000 markso I used my account to call in again and yell at them. Their 9600 baud node was busy soI had to use one of the six 300 baud nodes. When I logged in I had mail waiting fromthem stating that in order for them to close my account, they needed me to print out theattatched form, complete it and fax it back to their headquarters. It would take a month toprocess until my account could be shut off and there would be a $100 shut off fee.Obviously I couldn't afford any of this so I figured my best move would be to cancel myMastercard so that nothing else could be billed to me. I also reported the previous AOLcharges as fraudulent, hoping to get out of those. A few days later, I began recieving lotsof hangup calls, one after the other. A week later I got a call from a man identifyinghimself as 'Bill.' He told me that if I didn't settle my bills with AOL, he would put a hitorder on my grandmother and hung up on me.The next morning, as I was leaving to go to work, I noticed that...

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