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Aos After Experiencing A Change; Why Is It That We Fail To Appreciate These Repercussions Of This Change? It Is Too Often That We See Past The Positive Effects

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This essay uses related material:J ane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, Sky High” by Hannah Robert, and “Princess Diana, A celebration: 1966-1997” .Change comes in numerous forms and is unrestricted to its effects on those who experience it. However this change comes about, whether it be change in self or change in perspective; the end result is ALWAYS positive. Consequently, all change is good; even when we neglect these affirmative effects, misconceiving alterations for inconvenience. Through the writing of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, it is verified through the change in characters, that each character endures the positive results of their own change. Further justification exists through the narrative “Sky High” by Hannah Robert, and “Princess Diana, A celebration: 1966-1997” a BBC biography.The main plot featured in “Pride and “prejudice” revolves around the change in character of Elizabeth Bennet. Elizabeth’s vanity originally affects her judgment of Mr. Darcy, making her consider poorly of him in their first acquaintance. She was asked by Mr. Wickham “are you much acquainted with Mr. Darcy?” Elizabeth’s response to this was “As much as I ever wish to be…I have spent four days in the same house with him, and I think him very disagreeable.” This evidently proves Elizabeth’s detest of Mr. Darcy at an early stage of their meeting. Once Elizabeth has had a chance to recognise Darcy’s true character her judgement begins to change. She later tells Mr. Darcy “I can comprehend you going on charmingly”.Not only has her prejudice affected her changing views of Darcy, but also of Mr. Wickham. Without proper knowledge of the man, she speaks very highly of him. “When Mr. Wickham walked into the room, Elizabeth felt like she had neither been seeing him before, nor thinking of him since, with the smallest degree of unreasonable admiration.” With she tells Mrs. Gardiner “The most agreeable man (Mr. Wickham) I ever saw.” This is suggesting that Elizabeth has developed certain feelings towards Mr. Wickham after only just meeting him. Once she had been introduced to his true personality, Elizabeth’s opinion of Wickham dramatically changes with the progression of character development. She says of him “when my eyes were open to his true character-oh! Had I known what I ought, what I dared, to do! But I knew not- I was afraid of doing too much. Wretched, wretched, mistake! This is proving that once again, Elizabeth’s judgment of a character changes after she learns entirely of a person.Elizabeth has experienced change in self, in that of which new people have been introduced into her life, she acts out of prejudice to judge these people, and form opinions of them based on her prejudice; it’s not until she attains a persons true character does her opinions based on prejudice change....

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