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Advertising is everywhere. Driving to work, you observe the flawless faces of celebrities pasted to the back of a bus. In the office, you notice that the right-hand side of your computer screen is telling you to “save money” and “live better”. Finally, when you get home, you relax and turn on the television only to discover which popstar is using the newest acne-clearing solution because “it really works”. It is undeniable that advertising has a major impact on American society. It feeds capitalism and powers the cycle of material ownership and financial benefit; however, in doing so, consumers are manipulated by unethical tactics and filled with unnecessary desire.
When is comes to advertising, there is a thin line between information and manipulation. Although companies spend a great deal of money and effort enlightening the world on the existence of a new product that could potentially improve the lives of their consumers, the messages behind these advertisements “can make us unsatisfied with who we are and greedy for what we don’t have” (source D). Faulty advertisements that incorporate flawless photos of models or tell women that “thinner is better” have the power to reduce self esteem and instill unnecessary desire in consumers. Feminism, for instance, has flourished in response to the beauty industry and the harmful effects has on women of all ages. The beauty industry has based its entire expansion on body image, forcing women to believe that appearance is all that matters. When a commercial comes on with a covergirl fashioning the latest must-have mascara, not only does this advertisement inform us about a certain product, but more crucially, it manipulates us into thing that we aren’t beautiful without it. Consumers must determine the difference between information and manipulation.
The thirst for prosperity has lead to the corruption of moral values. Corporations spend millions of dollars on advertisements in attempt to convince the public to make business with them. Renato Sesana explains that advertising tactics “create unfulfilled desires and then they...

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