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In many cases, it is safe to say that television broadcasting has polished the narrow mindedness of an imperative individual to either antagonize a supreme man running for presidency or be his very back bone in the process of voting. As airing prominent speeches made by powerful political figures can get one simple idea of justice to more than half the nation as it stands, it can create a strained society in which one will seem to manipulate the others aspect of just, and in return will call for protests. In the favor of qualifying that television broadcast has been both deleterious and accommodating to vote percentages, sources A, B, and F help to embellish the main points fabricated in ...view middle of the document...

Television has appeared to be fulfilling its early promise.” (Source A). The man responsible for this quote is essentially saying that many people have had been intrigued with the idea of a famous figure that everyone could see, he even stated that television fulfilled its role on an early notice, but bestowed more ideas towards society.
For one thing that we know, media has had a salient effect on society today, and this effect focuses on how, viewers sitting in front of their TV’s, have been exploited of their freedom. Although I agree that broadcasting has been in our advantage for years, injustice seems to be harming justice, therefore adding negative effects to media. One negative side effect that broadcasting has served us is that it is impossible for individuals, watching their TV screens, to collaborate and ask engrossed question “Since the next candidate would then be asked another question altogether, it was an act of rhetorical contortion for one man to address himself to what one of his rivals had said...”(Source F). In the quote presented, we see that there are numerous amounts of questions to get through in a constricted amount of time, therefore adding the reluctance of actually wanting to answer with sincerity and academic yet promising answers. Moreover, it is just benighted to intertwine political figures with actors or actresses, as actors have their own profession, and know limited amount about politics, whereas political figures are men and women who will ensure us a virtuous future. Media has thrown a curveball at us civilized peoples by coalescing actors and politics “because of television’s celebrity system, Presidents are losing...

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