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Is hell other people? Yes! Society always judges you, and if you really care about how others look at you or what they say about you, then, for you, hell is other people. However, if you are a stranger, a type of people always stay in their own “world”, everything happened in our real world is not affect them, they doesn’t really care anything, those type of people have no feeling for anything, if you are like them don’t really care about others opinions, then nothing will get in the way of your happiness. How other people look at you matters, but it is just a reference. If you do make it the only thing that matters, then your life will become hell.
No Exit by Jean- Paul Sartre takes place in hell, there were three dead people, who judge one another, based on their past, Sartre’s point in this play is that hell is other people. In hell Garcin was a coward he cared too much about how other people looked at him and he felt confused, Estelle was a nymphomaniac, she has a habit of constantly looking at herself in the mirror, and Inez was a lesbian. The three of them were in hell, they didn’t trust each other, and they tortured each other. Garcin asked why there wasn’t a mirror in hell my answer is because mirrors can make you feel yourself. Estelle said: “when I can’t see myself I begin to wonder if I really and truly exist. I pat myself just to make sure, but it doesn’t help much.” (19) Estelle has to see deep in herself through the mirror, to feel that she exists in the world, to feel that she is still “alive”. But that is hell, no mirror let you cannot feel yourself, let you feel you are dead! Inez said: “Suppose I try to be your glass?” (19) Which means you only can see yourself through other people’s eyes, and that does not make you real. They are not together for no reason, like Inez said: “Yes, we are criminals- murderers- all three of us. We’re in hell, my pets; they never make mistake, and people aren’t damned for nothing.” (16) This shows all three of them were criminals, they all did some bad things to other people and now its time to pay back, that why they were in hell, now what society will do? Society will judge them. First, if you can’t have positive relationships between you and others, then that is not the hell for you; if you did something bad in your live, you will become a criminal, and then you have responsibility for that, and the others then that will be hell for you. The three of them were criminals, they all did bad things to others, and this is how Sartre uses dead people to show the people in the real world to know this. In the play, Inez said “I mean that each of us will act as torturer of the two others.”(17) Because Inez knows what is hell, that god didn’t do this for no reason, and that the three of them together will not always be nice, and in fact Inez was right, Garcin was a coward and Estelle was a criminal, and Inez represented “society” she was the one who made everything wrong, she made Garcin try to explain...

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