Ap Essay: Excerpt From Ignor Stravinsky. Rhetorical Modes Stravinsky Uses In Order To Convey His Point Of View.

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In this passage, Stravinsky discusses orchestra conductors, making observations and conclusions concerning their true necessity. He seemingly has carefully studied conductors' behavior and effectively conveys his view to the reader. To present his point of view clearly, Stravinsky makes use of diction, satirical statements, and comparisons.Stravinsky manipulates his diction throughout the passage. He often uses quotations to place emphasis on certain words. His placement of quotes around the words "great" and "style" encourage the reader to look into the word for added meaning. Throughout, Stravinsky's overall diction and statements seem rather rash and bold. He does not hesitate to present his feelings about the subject. For instance, he boldly states that "the incidence of ego disease is naturally high to begin with." In doing so he presents the reader with the feeling of confidence. In turn, the reader doesn't question Stravinsky's overall knowledge of the subject matter. Also this creates a sense of informality. Throughout the passage, it seems as though Stravinsky is simply conversing with his audience. He uses parentheses and dashes within statements to create somewhat of an aside with the reader as in lines 9 and 31-34. Using this technique makes the reader feel more comfortable and therefore better relate to the ideas being presented.Stravinsky also employs satire to attack the necessity of conductors in orchestras. Opening, Stravinsky states that conductors' careers are not dependant on music ability, "but on the society women (including critics)." Through this statement, Stravinsky communicates that a career dependent on the ideas of women contradicts a career in music. Continuing, he speaks of ego as a natural trait in all men, and as an uncontrollable disease. In this, Stravinsky attacks how the conductors are merely concerned with their status...

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