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Ap George Washington Term Paper

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George Washington was the man accountable for bringing tremendous prosperity to the American Revolution. Due to his dauntless image, many of his characteristics have gone overlooked. Washington's ingenuity lay in his grasp on both military and political power. His understanding of power was unparalled when compared to his accomplices,and this was illuminated in his dexterity to take command. It has become quite apparent that Washington's mastery of power allowed America to win the revolution and placed the new country on its way to achieving the International and Domestic power that Washington himself had quested to attain.George Washington was born Februrary 22,1732 in Westmoreland County Virginia.Washington had inherited much more than a good mind and a strong body. He learned morals,manners, and respect for God. He also persued two intertwined interests, military arts andwestward expansion. At 17 years old, Washington began traveling across rivers, mountains,and Indian trails to isolated parts of Virginia. ( At the age of 21,Washington had become the owner of his father's Mount Vernon fields due to his brothers deathand began fighting intrepidly in the French and Indian War. Washington has often been describedas a romantic. He married Martha Curtis in 1759 who was a wealthy widow with two children.In 1775, Washington served as an aide to General Braddock, in this time he was nearly killed,but his ability to survive would result in his tremendous popularity amongst Americans.( Washington's time with Braddock he became very ill. He suffered from smallpoxand malaria. Braddock was ambushed by the French and their Indian allies and it was up to himto rally the troops. This debacle caused much criticism, but it enhanced Washington's reputationat the age of 23, Washington was promoted to colonel and commander of the Virginia militia.These incredible events in Washington's life caused him to turn into a "Mature soldier with a graspof administration and a firm understanding of how to deal effectively with civil authority."(Morgan 4)George Washington is honored for his military accomplishments in the United States. Heserved as a Virginia delegate to the Second Continental congress in Philadelphia. He was fightingto achieve independence from Brittain. After serving several years in Virginia's militia he waselected "Commander-in-chief" of the Continental Army. His genius and military expierence madeit an easy decision. (George Washington and the American Revolution Burke Davis 24)Washington's audacious leadership is characterized in his surprise attacks. Cornwallis, the leaderof Britain's army, had developed a plan to defeat the Americans, but Washington's idea tosurreptitiously lead his troops across the arctic Delaware River allowed the Americans to captureNew Jersey and push the British back near New York. This valiant move may have saved therevolution and restored confidence in American...


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1329 words - 6 pages once again unanimously voted to become president a second time. He decided that it would be his last term. On September 19, 1776, Washington's Farewell Address, written four years before and polished by James Madison, was published refusing a third term. Two years later, on July 4, 1798, George Washington was commissioned lieutenant general and commander in chief of the new United States Army. In 1799, George Washington died at the age of sixty

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1375 words - 6 pages be a fair president. He worked with both political parties. George also listened to the people and tried to fix whatever problems arose. Washington supported the Bill of Rights, which made sure the government did not take away America's freedom.” (Emma) George was again elected president on 1792. This term was difficult for him because England was now at war with France. (Emma) According to Emma, “France wanted the United States to help them

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811 words - 4 pages to Mount Vernon.This one act, made him an international hero. After the Revolutionary War came to a conclusion, George Washington became the first U.S. president. He served two terms as President. His first term was primarily for organizing the executive branch of the new government and creating procedures that would make it possible for the government and people cooperate smoothly. He surrounded himself with the best and brightest men in the

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4970 words - 20 pages impact human history. Avoid simplistic comments, e.g., something is "bad", "good", "great", "fantastic", etc. Stay away from the idea of single causation. 18. Write using the PAST TENSE. The events occurred. 19. Do not use abbreviations. George Washington was not "GW"; Andrew Jackson was not "AJ". However, actual nicknames such as JFK or LBJ are acceptable. 20. Never write conversationally. Don’t talk to the reader. Never state what you are

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