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In "The Puritan and Sex," Edmund S. Morgan explains that “sexual intercourse was a human necessity and marriage the only proper supply for it.” As Samuel Willard, a puritan minister, had more than one expressed his horror at “that Popish conceit of the Excellency of Virginity.” They regarded sex as a necessity and women were “a necessary good” for men. One Puritan minister, John Cotton, quoted the Holy Spirit saying, “It is not good that a man should be alone.” Puritans said “Use of marriage in bed” is “part of man’s nature.” Puritans took sex very seriously. It was like an offense, in a way, if one didn’t have regular intercourse with his wife, it was highly frowned upon by the others. People went so far as to expelling people from communities or churches. This even happened when James Mattock denied intercourse to his wife for up to 2 years upon pretense of taking revenge upon himself for abusing his wife before their marriage. When he did this action he was expelled from the First Church of Boston College. Puritans would take sex to another level no other people did. The only exception when it came to sex was when it interfered with religion. Religion was number one in the Puritans life. They said “Mans chief goal was to glorify God, and all earthly delights must promote that end, not hinder it.” This could be an example of when a man would love his wife so much as to forget God, forget to praise him, and forget to go to church. They enforced this by banning sexual intercourse and as well as good food and drink on days of fast. If food and drink was allowed, most likely sexual intercourse was allowed. Another thing Puritans would take seriously was sex outside of marriage. They...

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