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During the early 20th century in China, the Chinese Communist Party successfully defeated the anti – communist group called the Guomindang party. The introduction of Communism led to the transitioning of power from landlords to peasants and a strong sense of nationalism among Chinese peasants, which encouraged them to contribute strength to fight against the Japanese. The relationship with China varied in various ways. The communist party depended on the peasants strength, and also had a mutual dependency between peasants and Communist Party.
The Communist’s dependency on peasants can be seen from the benefits and propaganda are displayed to the people. Mao Zedong, leader of the Communist party’s charismatic personality is portrayed in document 1, when he uses powerful words like, a mighty storm, hurricane, and liberation. Mao Zedong is encouraging the peasants by implying that there will be a powerful and unstoppable communist rebellion. Mao Zedong needs the peasant’s power to help with the revolution. The efforts to raise peasant’s nationalism in obvious in documents 5. By giving peasants a great amount of freedom such as political rights, feudal exploitations, and civil liberties this encourages the peasants to fight against Japan and allows them to have a sense of unity with China.
Dependence on the peasants were highly emphasized throughout these documents, but the mutual relationships the CCP and the peasants was a very significant part in gaining support and trust from each other. A teenage boy is trying to convince his grandfather about the benefits of communism. This interaction between the grandfather and teenage boy in documents 2 is very unusual because this breaks the Confucian ideology of filial piety. Furthermore, the teenage boy has only a bare minimum of life experience while the grandfather has much more experience, so this makes the boy’s argument weak. The Chinese Communist party is influencing the younger generation with propaganda and aiding them with resources, also the younger generation is breaking away from traditional Chinese thoughts. As a result of the support from the communist party, nationalism starts to rise and the will to fight Japan. This can be seen when the boy quotes, “It isn’t bitter for us Young Communist Vanguards when we learn to use a rifle and fight traitors and Japan!” In document 3, it is from the perspective of a Japanese administrative office. In this documents, the peasants are easily blending in with the “Communist bandits” in order to organize a guerilla unit. This organization of guerilla units and blending of peasants with the Communists are very similar to today’s Al Qaeda. The relationship of the two groups are clear since, the peasants provide...

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