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Apartment Living Essay

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You are at home ready to start on your homework and you realize that you forgot your text book at school. Imagine how easy it would be to walk down the stairs or to the apartment across the street to borrow your friend's text book. This is something that you cannot do when everyone lives in houses so far away from each other. What if you're baking a cake and you realize you're all out of sugar. Walking down a flight of stairs or going down a floor on the elevator to ask your friend for some sugar is so much easier than running out to the store and the cake may not have been ready in time for the birthday party. Apartment living is much better than living in a house because it is better for the environment, there is a community and it is much more convenient.Living in an apartment is much more eco-friendly than living in a house. Apartments do much less damage to the earth. People live on top of each other in apartments instead of lots of houses beside each other, which means there is less land is destroyed. From the perspective of construction, apartments cost less per unit, take less time and are easier to build than multiple unique houses. Less energy is also used to help you save money. There are shared rooms so there are less lights and floors to vacuum and less driveways to plow. Air conditioning and heating costs also drop. There are fewer walls for there to be heat loss. The cold and hot air passes through the floors to warm or cool other apartments instead of heating or cooling outside. Overall apartments are more environmentally friendly than living in a house.The sense of community in an apartment is much greater than that of families living in different houses. In an apartment you are much closer to your friends. It's easier to arrange hangouts with your friends. With your friends you could even go over for a couple minutes instead of planning out your whole day for that rare opportunity that you can figure out a way to get to their house. In apartments you are close to everyone including your family. Family gatherings would be so much easier as well to arrange because travel time doesn't have...

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