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Her eyes are open and blinking at random intervals. She’s staring at nothing and everything. She sees them discussing what to do this afternoon. She sees one proclaiming how wonderful his girlfriend of one day is. She sees another yelling in order to be heard clearer, in an argument about...something. She’s not sure. Everything is clear, yet cloudy, fuzzy around the edges. She seems them reacting, but their reactions don’t stick in her mind. They roll out of her memory like water on an umbrella. She seems them and doesn’t seem them. But she doesn’t hear them; it’s muffled like the parents in Charlie Brown, though not as comical, mixed with a buzzing fly, though not as annoying. It’s just a roar of noise buzzing incessantly in her ear, almost daring her to listen, respond, and react. Everything she feels is fake and unreal.
She reaches for her cell phone blindly. Her hand began the elaborate dance of searching. When she succeeds, she glances down at the screen. She looks at the screen and attempts to respond to her text messages. The messages attempt to bring a chuckle from her, but she just closes her phone and holds it lankily in her hand. She can feel the layer of plastic and protectiveness on it—it’s case. It could be throw across the room onto the floor with no harm to the phone inside.It’s protects the phone in layers of layers of protection, almost suffocating the phone. The phone has almost no room to move or react to anything around it, yet it knows this feeling is important. It’s safe from slight problems, and fluk accidents. It feels neither good or bad—indifferent—to it’s situation.
The case acts like a mask. It protects whatever is inside and takes the damage itself. It shields whatever’s inside; it distorts whatever it is inside visually or atmospherically. It makes people and...

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