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Apex Door Company Training Development Essay

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"Training is futile if the trainee lacks the ability or motivation to benefit from it." (Dessler, 2005, p. 271) The performance management approach integrates assignments, training, assessing and rewarding employees' efforts contributory efforts for goal achievement and influences organizational effectiveness.
"Training can be an effective means of enhancing employees' abilities," and to increase emotional intelligence. (George and Jones, 2005, p. 60) Accurate assessment of employee strengths and weaknesses assists the development of an effective training program. Teaching employees how communicate effectively enhances the work environment because there is no longer a difference between expectations and achievement.
Apex Door has hired us to generate a training program. This proposal suggests specific improvements to the existing training process.

By understanding the organizational needs not individual, development of the training process begins. This requires identification of critical skills need for the organization to maintain competitiveness and remain successful. By placing the future needs of the organization in perspective, the next step in the development process consists of evaluating the current workforce and establishing how the existing skills knowledge and abilities fit into organizational goals. Through engagement, explanation and expectation everyone knows up front what standards are expected, individuals are involved in the decision making process that affects them and explanation provides a forum for understanding final decisions providing clarification of penalty for failure. (AIU Online, 2006)

Employers can increase trainee motivation by making learning meaningful and the skills easily transferable. Additional motivation occurs by reinforcing correct responses making learning hands on, and through effective scheduling. According to Gary Dessler (2005), approximately 90 million adults are functionally illiterate. This is an astronomical figure requiring immediate attention. While the company cannot provide a solution for all 90 million, they can decrease the number within the work environment and surrounding community by providing literacy and diversity training techniques in house and by supporting them financially in the community. If there is even one employee working for this organization that is a functionally illiterate, the organization has an obligation to correct this as soon as possible, therefore, this is the first step in the training process.

There is a specific process outlined for determination of training needs. It begins with needs analysis because this is the process of identification of; specific "performance skills needed, trainee experience, development of measurement knowledge and objectives based upon deficiencies. (Dessler, 2005, p. 270) Needs analysis will generate documentation needed for inclusion...

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