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Apocalyptic Literature Essay

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The Bible has a large amount of stories about war and destruction. Some of the stories are historical writings, but not all. God of the bible is omniscient and God uses this to give humanity a unique look into our future. The stories of destruction that this paper will look at are some of the future visions given to humanity by God. The apocalyptic literature are the recorded visions given to believers and they are used to warn people of the impending doom of the world. The bible takes different approaches to the same topic in order to make the message fully know.
One of the approach being looked at is a more general synopsis of the end. While some scholars say the book of Joel is divided ...view middle of the document...

The visions given to Daniel, of the end times, were meant to symbolize the events of the end instead of the exact events. The imagery used is meant to portray what was to come without divulging exact details. The apocalyptic visions of Daniel begin in Daniel 7 and right away the readers are given a glimpse to the events preceding the end. The visions begins with four beast coming from the sea (Dan 7.3). These beast represent the “four kings who shall arise out of the earth” (Dan 7.17). The four beast represent powerful nations. The identity of these nations has been debated but what is agreed upon is that these nations play a role in bring about the end times. Like in Daniel, the fourth beast is singled out because it represents the fourth nation that will rise. This nation is described as being powerful and it is the nation that will ruin the world and “break it to pieces.” From the text, the last nation brings about the end of times. Daniel writes about a horn that comes from the last beast, symbolizing a person, that spoke powerfully and caused wars, until judgment comes (Dan 7.20-22). Unlike Joel, Daniel tells the story of what is to come before the end. His visions offer a descriptive metaphor of what is to come and it is delivered so that it can be imagined. After telling what brings the end, Daniel shares part of the judgment. Daniel continues talking about the aforementioned horn and its demise. The horn spoke great words until it was killed and burned. This suggests that the last great nation will be powerful until it is burnt down. This imagery could represent hell or it could imply the physical nation will burn down on earth, in either event the end end will be accompanied by fire.
Daniel is given five visions, the first is the symbolic version of the end, and his fifth is a detailed description of the end. “The fifth one, which is right toward the end of the book in...

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