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My research paper will investigate the Greek God Apollo. The reason I chose Apollo was I have never had a chance to look into other Gods or Goddess’ other than Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. The next seven paragraphs are paraphrased depictions, stories and relational information directly related to the god Apollo The information was compiled by author: Atsma, Aaron J., on the website: Theoi.com. Theoi Project Copyright © 2000 – 2011. 12 May 2014. Each paragraph is a separate encyclopedia reference and is noted in the following footnotes reference.
“Apollo is considered the god of music, prophecy, oracles, healing, plague and disease, song, poetry, archery, and the protection of the young. He ...view middle of the document...

Being the God of all Gods is a responsibility like no other having to keep earth in check but also keeping the Gods in check. There were many times when the Gods would fight causing hurricanes, Tsunami’s, and earthquakes which would shake the earth. Zeus is depicted as a majestic stern man, mature with a sturdy muscular physic and a dark heavy beard. His most common symbols are a lightning bolt, royal scepter and an eagle.”(5)
“Since Apollo was the God of Music, he would have regular music contests to see if anyone could match his music masterful skills. Marsyas was a Phrygian Sayter (Sayter were half man half goat.) who first composed tunes for the flute. Marsyas once challenged Apollo to a musical contest he inevitably lost, but in the second round Apollo said the contestants had to play their instruments upside down, this was an impossible feat for Marsyas. His punishment for challenging Apollo and losing, was to be tied to a tree and was burned alive. The gods felt pity on Marsyas and turned him into a stream.” (4)
“Artemis is Apollo’s twin sister and the goddess of Hunting, Wilderness, and wild animals, childbirth, and the protector of a child until marriage. Artemis is usually depicted in a short knee length dress called a ‘chiton”, and with her hunting bow with a quiver full of arrows. Much like her brother she can bring sudden death and disease upon people. Artemis usually focusing on the women and girls, Apollo focusing the men and boys.” (2)
“Apollo was not only a musician and an archer he was also a lover. One of his lovers was the nymph, “Daphne”. Daphne lived in Peneios in Thessalia or...

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