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Apology for VietnamWhat to do in Vietnam? Someone believes that America destroyed Vietnam in order to save it; however, during 1968, more and more Americans began questioning Vietnam War. RFK had said in 1967 that he hated the war. " We're killing South Vietnamese, we're killing women, we're killing innocent people because they're 12,000 miles away and they might get 11,000 miles away." For many, "Born on the Fourth of July" is an apology for Vietnam; it shows the Vietnam War was a disastrous foreign policy mistake. Ron Kovic, as a veteran, spoke to the whole America that it was wrong to fight in Vietnam.The movie is an adaptation of the same name autobiography. It begins with Ron's childhood, then as he growing up, one day he and ...view middle of the document...

In October 1967, there was a village massacre showed in the movie. Believing enemy combatants are in there, Ron's unit bombs the village, and it results hundreds of Vietnamese citizens were killed, mostly innocent kids and women. Overwhelmed by a sense of guilty, Ron becomes disoriented, and he accidentally shoots one of Marine from his side. Although his executive officer merely tells him just to forget the incident, that mistake tortures him for years afterward. There were many massacres like that in Vietnam War, but lots of them were covered up, so the movie shows the reality in Vietnam.The military hospital is perhaps the most disconcerting episode in the movie. Rats crawl freely on the floors, the staff is generally apathetic to their patients' needs, doctors visit the patients infrequently, and equipment is too old and ill-maintained to be useful. If you have even once been to the hospital, you will see patients lie in sickbeds, helpless and unable to summon aid, only gradually to die; the died are tipped out from the hospital like garbage into the streets. This is the greatest caravan of human misery in eighteen years of war.The reviews of the movie are extremely positive. Although it has amounts of pain and bloodshed and suffering, the movie proceeds from the real history. Many critics praise actors' performance and director's direction of the movie. When Ron is back from the war, he finally realizes that the whole war is a mistake and starts against the war. It is not a movie about battle, but how Americans change their mind about the war.This is an apology for Vietnam, apologizing for millions of Vietnamese, and 58,220 Americans who died in the conflict.

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