Appaloosa Vs. Quarter Horse Essay

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Every animal has its own personality and every person has their own preference, so it is hard to say that one is better or worse than the other. With typical house pets such as a cat or a dog no experience is needed, it easy to do a quick read on them and be able to care for and handle them quite easily. However, when it comes to larger, more powerful animals, like horses, it is necessary to have experience or training on what they can do and how to properly care for the animal in the correct environment. Although the Appaloosa and Quarter horse are both very versatile and popular breeds, I would like to find the best suited and safest as a first horse by comparing their history, appearance, and common uses.
Even if you do not know what an Appaloosa horse is you can almost bet you have seen one. Throughout history they have come and gone through different cultures appearing in Asian, European, and Native American art. Nobody is completely sure how the breed came about but there are some definable traits found around the world in other breeds, such as the Russian Altai and different Spanish horses. The Nez Perce tribe, from the western states, was the first to domesticate these animals and also the first to practice selective breeding. The Nez Perce trained the Appaloosa for many tasks such as hunting, farming, travel, and war. Throughout time of being a multi-skilled horse the Appaloosa still shows these traits today with their grace, surefootedness, and speed. Because of their dramatic history the Appaloosa is well suited for stressful situations and has a very trainable personality.
Like the Appaloosa, the Quarter horse is a mixture of many breeds including the English horse, Chickasaw, and a few others and was also brought over to America by the Spanish. But, unlike the Appaloosa you will not see the Quarter horse in art work from around the world but instead in old western films and on the race track, as the Quarter horse has become one of the most sought after breeds in the world for its many redeeming qualities. The quarter horse has coined its name because of its infamous trait, speed. Although the Quarter horse doesn’t have the stamina of an Appaloosa, it can achieve a speed, overwhelming for new riders, of 55 mph on a quarter mile.
Even if you are not a horse junky, it is quite easy to pick out an Appaloosa from a crowd. They are mostly known for their leopard like print, which sometimes can change with age, but they also have many other definable traits. Their mane and tail is usually not long and flowing like other horses but is very stiff and typically short and thin. Unlike their spotted coat this breed has stripes on its hooves and pink molted...

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