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Appealing? Essay

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Inauguration of a President is a grand occasion in America. This is held often in January after the previous office holder is removed from office due to the expired term of the previous President. At this induction, the new President, after taking the oath into office, gives his inaugural address in front of the nation. Inaugural addresses tell what the newly inducted President will do for his term. Presidents state the important parts of why they were chosen and what they will attempt to complete to better the nation, and lead it efficiently. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s speech was one of the most memorable.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, known commonly in this society as FDR, was elected into office at some point in the Great Depression. FDR was in the office as President with a total of four terms. Due to the horrible economy for the duration of that time, people needed a hero to stand up for the peoples rights and bring the USA back around as well as aid the rest of the world. The genius behind his speech at the inauguration contained a logical appeal, an ethical appeal, and emotional appeal to get the attention of his audience and streak the point across their conscious minds as they listened. These were used by Aristotle and he named them logos, ethos, and pathos. Logic can be used in many ways for many things.
FDR used logos with a certain flow of reason. The logic makes sense and makes those reading, or listening think, either in agreement or by trying to find faults. FDR planted a visual in the minds of the people of his time to show them what he would do to save the United States of America from the clutches of the Great Depression. He gave them hope for a future that appealed to most of the people of the time, not just in the US but around the world. One of the greatest quotes from the address is, “[L]et me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Nearly everyone who hears someone say that feels a little familiarity of having heard that before. That quote alone shows he was not afraid of anything, and would reason through any and all obstructions in his way to make this nation better for all, and towards the betterment of the international economy. Logos is just one of the few ways he helped his audience know he was right for the job-that his character was the right kind for the job.
People can occasionally relate to FDR and from time to time can pick his character out of it. Ethos is kind of the part of the writer which was put into his writing. Those with vast intellect can twist this and use it in to support the endeavors that are chosen to be followed.
“In every dark hour of our national life, a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give...

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