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Apple Business Strategy And Culture Essay

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Apple Corporation is one the biggest and most profitable companies in the world today. This goes without saying as we have all seen Apple products such as the IPod, IPhone, IPad, and others for many years and they show no sign of stopping. While some attribute this to the quality of the products, a deeper look into the employees and how they function in that environment may provide a more definite answer. But first, one must look at the overall business strategy of Apple, which is called Quantum Strategy, a term coined by Loizos Heracleous (2013). This strategy attempts to bring efficiency and innovation to intense levels, while at the same time making products addictive. As mentioned by Heracleous, the chief architect of this business model was Steve Jobs himself. His passing left many to wonder if Apple had hit a stopping point. However, Heracleous theorized that the model left behind by Steve Jobs would keep Apple going for decades to come. Especially since this strategy was difficult to replicate by competitors.
One of the aspects of the organizational culture of Apple that attributes to its success is something called “startup level urgency,” which is a motivational tool. In an article by Neil Hughes (2010), it is mentioned that if a project caught the attention of Steve Jobs, it was finished faster than anyone could predict. This lead to some employees simply saying Jobs was involved to get product better noticed and done quicker. While it seems a little underhanded, speeding up certain processes can get more products to the market and help boost sales. Jobs most likely knew this since was avoided by some of his employees due to his unyielding work ethic. It’s mentioned by former employees that Jobs was not one to mince words and made sure that his employees were being as efficient as possible. He would often ask workers in the elevator how they were contributing to the company. It happened so often that some would prepare responses to the question in advance (Sinsky 2011). This goes back to the previously mentioned Quantum Strategy, in this case, the part regarding an intense boost in efficiency. According to Heracleous, Jobs was a visionary, perfectionist, and demanding, while Sinsky pointed how he motivated his employees to be better. One would think that this would change with his passing, but it's stated that Apple can survive without him as stated in Heracleous's research. Another major reason for Apple’s success is what Jobs strived for and what the organizational structure and business strategy of Apple focuses on: innovation.
What make Apple products is reviewed in an article by Don Resinger (2011). He mentions that a huge factor is their ease of use. An individual buying an IPod can find it simple to use as soon as he/she turns it on. Plus, Apple makes both the hardware and the software of their devices, so both work together seamlessly, something that competitors very rarely do. This is accomplished in part by Apple’s policy of...

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