Apple Computer, Inc. Tools, Messages, And Timing Of Promotion

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According to Rabinowitz, (n.d) creative promotion is the means through which attention can be drawn to the organization, the services offered by the organization, in relation to an event or campaign run by the organization. It is the most important tool to use in creating a positive image on the publics’ minds about the company. This paper is meant to discuss on the creativity used by Apple Computer Inc. in the promotion of their innovative services and products. It will outline the tools used by the company in the event of promotion and equally identify the timing and the messages used.
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Kissmetrics, (n.d) supports this notion by stating that months or days before Apple launches a new product, they start promoting it. They promote the product by keeping people blogging, building their anticipation and keeping them guessing about how the product is going to function. This method of promotion makes the Apple products have a ready market even before they are produced. In addition, there are loyal customers who will always buy the apple products even if they are not to their satisfaction provided that they are in the market. Apple uses the technique of releasing the first bunch of stock to the loyal store before the launch so that the buyers can get access to it once it is launched.
The tools for promotion of the products that are produced by the Apple Computer Inc. include the Media, Website, Social Media, Print Media, Human Resources and outdoor advertisements. The Company uses televisions by having live airing of the launch of their new products and technology. Equally, they use the media to make mass campaigns that support the effectiveness of their services and products. On the other hand, they post their innovations on their websites that give specific details on how...

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