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Apple Incorporated Company Essay

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Apple is a company that has been round for many years. There are over 55 million people who use an apple product or are considered to have at least one apple product in their home. The apple products range from larger devices such as there amazingly known Mac books which are there computer based system to there much small hand held based device called the iPhone. That device allows a person to make calls all while have the convent amenities that a laptop would have. They also have the very popular iPod as well as Apple TV. They have expanded into an empire that everyone is trying to become as well as beat. As many people know there is history and hard work that has to take place in order for a business to be successful. Many people will refer to the success of apple as the underdog company that made despite the odds. Founder Steve Jobs was a regular person with a dream. He started of building an Apple computer in his parent’s living room and later moved to the garage true to lack of space. Later on in his building career a neighbor of Steve Jobs introduced him to Stephen Gary Wonzniak. Wonzniak was an engineer and Jobs was a market maven and together they have the skills to build and properly promote. The computer they were trying to promote was fairly expensive computer. Jobs was so dedicated to this idea of transforming this computer from what it was to something that is able to be sold to the public he reached out to Bill Hewlett and asked him to donate some parts for a class projects .

Unannounced to Jobs Hewlett admired his initiative and gave him a summer at HP assembling frequency counter. In 1975 the first apple computer was created and officially sold to the public. At the time Jobs and his business partners where getting orders of 50 computers to be made and shipped. At the time they had limited funds and would have to sell big tickets person items just to make every delivery all will still creating them in Jobs parents’ living room. In the early 1980’s the Apple II was and then then the Apple III that same year the Lisa was also created and failed. Although better than the first computer Jobs and his business partners failed in marketing and due to the expensive pricing caused the Apple II, Apple II and Lisa to not be as successful as planned. After years of failed attempted Jobs finally created a brand and product with the same team as the Lisa in 1997. He teamed up in a 150 million investment plan from Microsoft to continue to run their software on Mac products. This deal provided Jobs with cash and commitment he needed to recover the Apple name. From 1998 – 2001 jobs and his team was able to create the iMac, Apple ROMs and Mac OS. They were also the one of the first companies to come out with the wireless network technology. Other devices started to show on the market such the iPod, iPhone and software’s like iBook and iTunes. After 12 years of hardships and failures apple has become a power house name that is not to be...

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