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Apple is one of the most revolutionary industries the world over. Famous for renovating the way we interact life forever with their technological genius forming what we know today as the computer; specifically the Macintosh. This company started out in a garage in Silicon Valley, created by 2 college dropouts with aptitude and vision. Growing to be a giant know and recognized all over the world. Inspirational design, sleek graphics, rebellious form, they cut a mold for themselves.
Lets begin by going all the way back to the time period around 1975 long before the formation of the corporation. Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak had ...view middle of the document...

Jobs looked to the president of Pepsi-Cola John Scully to be president/ CEO of Apple Inc. to take it to the next level. He had made a wise decision but the two would soon be at odds. It came out that while Scully was quite a successful entrepreneur he was not the guy to be running in the computer industry, especially not apple. Jobs knowing this, tried to take back control of the company in the form of creating a mutiny against Scully. Another employee informed Scully about the upcoming backstabbing by Jobs who of which later decided to resign.
Scully was now during 1985 the head of apple only in title. As time went by his “leadership” would cost the company dearly. People were laid off left and right. A grand total of 1,200 employees kicked to the curb. To add insult to injury Scully was up against Bill Gates of Microsoft over the first edition of Windows. It was very similar to the Mac’s system to the point of which Apple could claim Copyright Infringement. Both went to court on the matter and in the end, Apple technology would not be used with Microsoft.

During the next few years Apple had relative success with the creation of Pages (their equivalent of MS Word), the Mac II and Postscript. This regained them the love and admiration of the media and the newspapers. Just when Apple thought it was all the way out of the hole, once again it was on the defensive. In 1990 Microsoft able to configure its operating system to every computer in the world while only Apple ran the Mac system. They at this time were losing due to the lack of versatility. Though Apple tried to inquire about licensing, the new CEO, Mike Spindler said it was “too late”. Scully was losing interest in the computer industry and stepped to the determinedly to the back. Mike became president.
Apple thought now they were in good hands; they were WRONG. Mike on all accounts was the worst possible individual for the job. He was an office recluse and his nature was quite impersonal. Though despite this some minor things were accomplished, the creation of the Power Mac family in 1994 which was worked on with Motorola and IBM, and the licensing of the Mac OS to a few other companies. Even with this success building computers was very tedious for Apple corp. During the winter of 95’ Apple hit rock bottom due to this. Spindler was officially out and Gil Amelio was up to bat.
Between the years of 1996-to 1997 Gil was breaking his face to make Apple the Comeback kid. He was responsible for changing the structure of the corporation, and implementing a better communication system. While this made a difference the company truly got hit in it’s 1st quarter, a 740mil loss in revenue. Decisions were made to get this one trick pony failure back on track; The acquiring of NeXT/Rhapsody and the return of Steve Jobs. Three things of which could be said to be the companies best decisions ever.
In July of 97 Gil resigned leaving the position of CEO wide open. Jobs got it,...

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