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Apple, the computer of "yesterday?"Steve Wozniak and Steve Job, two good friends from high school started a revolution that will never end. They invented the first Apple computer (1976, the basis for all personal computers to come, the Apple I. It ran on one megahertz and had eight thousand bites of memory and eight bits of pixels on the screen (Levey 5). Much like the people of today, the first testers of the computer did not take them seriously. It wasn't until the Apple II came out in 1977 that people started paying attention to Apple computers. The Apple II priced at $1,298 was comparatively inexpensive but was almost exactly like the Apple I (Levey 11). One major accomplishment of Apple's was that based on the MOStek 6502 microprocessor, the Apple II was the first personal computer to display color graphics and to come in a stylish plastic housing (Slate 3). From then on, Apple updated the Apple II line further creating the Apple II+ with increased memory, the Apple IIe, which is the only Apple computer to date to remain in production for more than a decade. Apple also went on to make the Apple IIc, a compact version of the Apple IIe with a faster processor and expanded memory. Apple then went on to create the Apple IIct, a later version of the Apple IIc and the Apple IIgs the first last and only 16-bit Apple II, designed to produce enhanced graphics and sound, with a much more powerful microprocessor and yet still backward compatible (compatible with the earlier 8-bit Apple software) (Levey 24).One big mistake Apple made at the time was releasing the Apple III which at the time retailed any where from $4,000-$7,000 and had only minimal improvements over the Apple II series', causing it to be considered as one of the biggest bombs in Apple computer history. Apple's next computer "The Lisa" (named after Steve Jobs' daughter) had five megahertz, and a five megahertz hard drive, but perhaps most importantly it incorporated a Graphical User Interface (it is argued that a man by the name of Bill Gates stole this idea as the platform for his extremely successful windows operating system) which was the most important accomplishment of Apple History (

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