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Industry Information (the industry your company participates in)
What is the history of the industry from its inception to today?
“Today's microcomputer, at a cost of perhaps $300, has more computing capacity than the first large electronic computer, the ENIAC. It is twenty times faster, has a larger memory, is thousands of times more reliable, consumes the power of a light bulb rather than that of a locomotive, occupies 1/30,000th the volume and costs 1/10,000 as much.” Library of Economics and Liberty website has a great article to show this. Technology is forever changing and growing. There are always new advancements to make everything better somehow and to make the newest product the ...view middle of the document...

In addition, another article shows how Apple is with their main competitor in the category of sales and market share.

What are the industry advancements in recent years?
In recent years, the computer industry has grown in technology. There are a lot more advancements now than there was ten to twenty years ago. New touchscreen desktop monitors, touchscreen laptops, and laptops that can turn into portable tablets. The latest and greatest products only seem to be popular for a short period and then in a blink of an eye the next new product is about to hit the shelves and has many discounts going on to promote it. Also with so many companies, competing with each another it seems that once one company unveils a new product, another company is trying to copy that product and make it better while also adding their own twist. This just seems to keep going company after company and product after product.

Market Line Advantage

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Company Information (the company you are selling for)
What is the history of your company? When was the business founded and who founded it? How has it changed throughout its history? What major accomplishments has the company experienced in recent years? Secure articles about the company and its products or services AND place them in the inside jacket of the binder.
Steve P. Jobs and Stephen G. Wozniak founded Apple in 1977. They originally called the company Apple Computer Co. and placed their home-built computer circuit board, the Apple 1, up for sale. This very first Apple model had no sound, graphics, case, or keyboard. Through the years, Apple continued to improve their products and introduce the newest, latest, and greatest technology one after the other. That model is very different from the laptops and Macs that Apple sells now. Of course, technology advances have a lot to do with Apple's growth. They always have the latest and greatest technology. From the very start, Steve Jobs wanted to show unique products that Apple would be proud to have as their brand. If you think about it, Apple is one of the most well known companies and almost everyone has owned or used an iPod at least once in their life. This can give Apple a lot of extra publicity and more advertising by word of mouth. Apple is famous for their unique computer and the iMac since the year 2002. Apple was going to see some big changes this year. This is when they introduced the iPod. Soon after they released iTunes and sales went off. Such a small product was to be the one product that would help change and morph Apple into what it is now. With more than 20 different models of iPods to date, Apple continues to outdo them. From iPods came iPhones and then the iPads. In less than 20 days, Apple was able to sell more than one million music videos on iTunes on October 31, 2005. This just goes to show how great and innovative Apple really is.

What is the size of the...

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