Apples’ Current Position As A Socially Responsible Business

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Apple Corporation is a computer company that sells consumer electronics and computer hardware/software. Three men started the corporation in Cupertino, CA: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The three men wanted to make and sell personal computers. Later, Ronald Wayne sold his share to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It was a very risky investment and too much of a risk for Ronald Wayne back then. Apple is one of the biggest computer companies in the world. Today they said to be worth around $705 Billion (Finger, 2013). It has very loyal customers that trust and buy only Apple products. The company is well known for its quality electronics. Despite its rather high prices, people will wait in line and pre-order Apples’ “Next big thing”. This company is well respected and well known. It must adhere to ethical business practices by being a socially responsible business.
This paper will examine Apples’ current position as a socially responsible business. We will start by determining if Apple meets the standards it has made for itself as well as legal standards. Then we will look at the impact of supplier violations of Apples’ ethical and social responsibility policy and discuss ways to ensure fewer violations in the future. After establishing ways to regulate and implement more cooperation from suppliers, we will analyze Apples’ current marketing strategy and determine if customers will pay more for a product from an ethically and socially responsible company.
Examine Apple’s Current Position on the Company’s Ethical and Social Responsibilities, and Determine Whether or Not the Company Has Met These Responsibilities. Provide Two (2) Examples That Support Your Position
Apple’s US facilities are ethically and socially sound in their business practices, concerned with preservation of the environment. Conversely, on a global level, Apple’s lack of communication with international suppliers has resulted in subpar standards that disregard the environment and the factory employees who create and assemble their products. Workers are minimally compensated and forced to work long hours in unforgiving conditions. Foxconn, one of Apple’s major suppliers, known as one of the world largest contract electronic makers and major supply companies, has had alarming numbers of employees that have committed or attempted suicide (Vause, 2010). Over the years, the increasing number of suicides caused Foxconn to install safety nets to stop employees from jumping facility the buildings. Compounding the unsafe conditions, Chinese factories producing Apple products were found to have contaminated the waters near their facilities and emitted pollution into the air, jeopardizing not only the health of factory employees but the residents near those facilities as well.
David Kurtz author of Contemporary Business defines social responsibility as “a management philosophy that includes contributing resources to the community, preserving the natural environment, and...

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