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Applicability Of Lean Management Leadership For Employee Resource Groups

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4.0 Concerns
Group four, addresses major ERG management issues identified during collaboration plans. The six types cover: (1) reactive effect (2) scarce endeavors (3) local endeavors (4) unclear tasks (5) scarce planning and (6) lacking proactive management. The identified challenges reflect lessons learned for developing Lean Means through surveys for managing ERGs (Josef Oehmen, 2014). Lean Means allow easy detection to solve particular problems. While describing management issues, these concerns also serve as a risk identification checklist. Grouping issues into obvious sets shows how themes relate to each other (see Figure 4).

Figure5: management challenges network. (Josef Oehmen, 2014)
4.1 ERGs Issues

The three main LML themes addressing ERG issues include reactive execution, insufficient planning, and lack of proactive risk management. (Josef Oehmen, 2014)

Process execution in reactionary modes, rather than proactively managing risks and issues
• Resources focused on fixing issues instead of preventing issues
• Competing resource requirements
• Unclear responsibility allocation
Insufficient Process Planning
• Inaccurate planning driving uncertainties lead to unrealistic expectations
• Unrealistic baselines for cost and goals
• No realistic schedule
Lack of Proactive Risk Management
• The team functions without clear direction or with ill-defined ownership

4.2 ERGs Challenges
The top assets of ERGs are the volunteers. However, the small percent of core team volunteers is an ongoing challenge. This defines to the three major themes compiling ERG issues, insufficient coordination, processes locally optimized, and unclear responsibilities (Josef Oehmen, 2014)
Insufficient Coordination
• Complex networks not aligned to priorities
Unclear Responsibilities
• Problematic responsibilities allocation
• Lack of alignment between LML
Processes locally optimized
• Lack of coherent leadership teams representing cross training functions

Annually, a notice goes out to the community asking if any member would like to be a Core Team Representative. This offers new hires an opportunity to become involved in the ERGs leadership bringing in fresh ideas (Josef Oehmen, 2014).
5.0 Lean Means
Part 5 describes the corresponding Lean Means Managing Plan. This part contains the Lean performance plan using the Lean Principles structure (LP): LM1: Respect the people (LP6); LM2: Capture customer value (LP1); LM3: Eliminating waste value stream (LP2); LM4: Planned functions flow (LP3); LM5: pull value (LP4); and LM6: Pursue perfection (LP5). This part also contains the Lean Means for Managing ERGs, sorted by Lean Principles. (Josef Oehmen, 2014)
Each Lean Means introduced draws from various sources, such as highly successful programs, and examples from subject matter experts and from the Lean Management literature. Additionally, each contains sub means giving the Lean Means recommendations for implementation. The five categories...

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