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Application Essay

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The application of this experiment can be applied in a practical way mostly to help people boost their memory through the use of brief wakeful resting (Dewar, Alber, Butler, Cowan, & Della Sala, 2012,). From the results, it concluding that people in both experiment retained more information about the story as opposed to those that played the spot the difference game (Dewar, Alber, Butler, Cowan, & Della Sala, 2012). Not only that, but this also indicates that a 10 minute period of wakeful resting could enhance memory for about 7 days after the information has been given to them (Dewar, Alber, Butler, Cowan, & Della Sala, 2012).
This experiment and many others that follow within its footsteps can be used to help those who in the education field for various amounts of reasons (Dewar, Alber, Butler, Cowan, & Della Sala, 2012). One idea is that teachers in elementary schools could use brieful resting to help children learn many concepts. An example could be that teachers teach math for about 20 minutes which would be followed by 10 minutes of putting their heads down then playing a math related game which could be used to help children retian the information for a longer time as oppose to just cramming in 5 subjects in one day which does nothing. Teachers should also recommend parents to follow through the idea of brief wakeful resing for childen as study method at home because they will be able retain the information much more as they will be applying it to the concepts not only in the classroom. This is also due to the fact that many children in elementary schools don’t study as much as they should.
One issues with the experiment is that in the first experiment, only 3 people thought about the story during the some of the wakeful-resting period (Dewar, Alber, Butler, Cowan, & Della Sala, 2012). Others even reported that they let their mind wander during the resting period with one falling asleep (Dewar, Alber, Butler, Cowan, & Della Sala, 2012). Meanwhile in the second experiment, there was only 12 people who thought about the story only once during the 7 day rest period inbetween the two stories (Dewar, Alber, Butler, Cowan, & Della Sala, 2012). What could be instead is that they inform the subjects that they will have some form of recap about the story ahead of time so the subjects can actively remember the story. Also, they could shorten the period of time and then quiz them so it would enforce them to review the story.
Another isssue with the experiment is that...

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