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Describe all leadership, volunteer, job, coaching and teaching positions you have held. Please enter a minimum of 200 characters:
As a student of physical education, I immediately started to get different certifications that enabled me to work with children. So, I have been having new acquaintances ever since. During my studies, I had to do the internship on both primary and secondary school. Each part took 2 months and it was a lot of fun. I was able to see challenges that physical education teachers are facing everyday. I really enjoyed that experience. That was the time when I realized that I really enjoy working with children. Last September, I spent one week working as a summer school teacher. We went to a seaside resort where I was mostly teaching swimming but I was also a mentor for a group of kids (age 10). During summer I worked as a swim instructor (children aged 5-10) at an outdoor pool and I currently teach kindergarten children to swim.
I also did some volunteer work which include being a bridge diving competition referee and swimming official at Special Olympics.

Do You Prefer To Work Alone Or With A Group And Why?
I have to say that I enjoy both. I cannot pick one. I think it depends on the situation. It is very rewarding to work and achieve something alone, but on the other hand, it can be very creative and productive to work in a group. In that case you can also learn from each other a lot which results in your better individual work. In my past working experience, I worked together with a kindergarten teacher, who also teaches swimming. I have to say, that I learned a lot from her especially things like, how to react if child behaves a certain way and how to make them interested. On the other hand, she told me how much she learnt about swimming as a sport, certain elements of different strokes and their teaching methods. We both gained a lot from that experience.

Why Do You Want To Participate In This Program?
I want to participate in this program because working with children is something that I really love doing. I was always doing it in my home enviroment, so I think it would be great to experience it in America. I love to discover different cultures and way of life, so I believe this program would encompass all above listed things and it will be an experience of my life.

What Do You Think Will Be Your Greatest Challenge In Working Overseas And Why?
My biggest challenge would probably be to spend a lot of time away from my friends and my family. However, there will be many counselors and I make friends easily. I will also be working with children, which is always great fun. In my past working experience, there were some days when I didnt feel very well when I woke up, but as soon as I started to work with children, my mood suddenly improved.

Why Should An Employer Choose You As A Participant?
An employer should choose me as a participant because I feel passionate about sports, teaching and spending time with children. I...

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