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Application Essay

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During the several weeks I volunteered my time as an intern for the campaign of presently elected mayor Erin Stewart, I was not only thrilled to shadow her throughout various political fundraisers, I was indeed excited to help with so many forms of community outreach as well. As I conducted my work, making a plethora of phone calls and delivering campaign signs, I was able to learn many of the assumptions people had about my candidate. Usually, once a conversation would begin and I was beleaguered with questions regarding Stewart, I ended up having to explain in loquacious discourse of why Stewart, if elected, was the panacea for New Britain’s financial woes. As I had to do this on the spot, organizing my logic was somewhat difficult, but indeed I learned that a little prepping can be very useful. Quite often, usually I was able to sway potential voters on both sides of the aisle to consider team Stewart as their chosen candidates. As I applied myself and showed my dedication to the cause, I discovered how a politician should articulate and prepare for an election, how democratically, giving every person a say can be quintessential to providing a first impression, and how to motivate and instruct one’s volunteers. In juxtaposition, these three lessons are inextricably linked providing me with the fundamental principles of real world campaigning while successfully preparing me with the looked-for competence and adroitness needed precisely to understand how politics works from an insider’s point of view.

While I truly enjoyed supporting my candidate through various fundraising opportunities, I was still the only person dedicated enough to continue their internship with the Stewart team. It is though, that while self reflecting on my many hours of hard work, the lagniappe came when I received the invitation from the campaign manager to hobnob with former Connecticut...

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