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Striving for perfection is a natural force, which has led mankind to its present state of advancement. Perfection, for me, means enhancing my knowledge in specific field of interest which will enable me to contribute to the advancement of society in general and to deeper understanding of my field in particular. It is with these objectives in mind that I wish to pursue the Ph.D. program in Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSM) at Texas A&M University (TAMU).
Following undergraduate studies in industrial engineering at Seoul National University, I applied my knowledge as an air force officer of the Republic of Korea. As an armament maintenance company commander, I reclassified repair parts to better visualize asset status and increase efficiency. As a result, my company was selected as the best maintenance company of the 10th Fighters Wing in 2010. I was fascinated with the importance of accurately matching supply of repair parts to their demand, and this experience influenced me to pursue graduate studies.
My first research practice which I conducted in the master’s program in industrial engineering at Texas A&M University was journal replication studies under my advisor, Dr. Andrew Johnson. The paper was about measuring managerial practice collected by innovative survey tool. Rather than simply label unobserved heterogeneity fixed effects, the authors developed explicit indicators of managerial practice. Through this replication process, I learned how to set up a model with appropriate assumptions and validate and analyze the results. While converting original Stata code into R to verify the result, I also learned various types of estimation such as OLS, GMM, and Olley and Pakes’s method. Based on this experience, I am currently working on another project to evaluate the effect of Performance Measurement Systems (PMS) for Italian manufacturing companies. I hope to achieve production function estimation with identification of principal factors of PMS based on survey and financial data.
As a research assistant in the Energy-Sustainable Operations Lab., I conducted a performance metric project with National Oilwell Varco (NOV), a leading manufacturer of components for oil rigs. The project aims to map the wide variety of this company’s performance metrics and develop a centralized metric dashboard as a decision support tool for managers and employees. My research focused on synthesizing the data extracted from Oracle and organizing a series of metric maps. Subsequently, I formulated an algorithm to integrate different metrics and visualize their influence on one another. Next, I programmed user-friendly and flexible dashboard generator using Excel VBA intensively. Now I am going to create additional inferential tools on the dashboard to allow for better assessment of the tradeoff structures between metrics.
Through these experiences, I have levelled-up my research skills for data collection, experiment design, data analysis, and...

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