Application Essay For Doctorate In Education Program

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All goals have a history. Sometimes goals come forth in a moment of epiphany; other times, goals reveal themselves gradually and are like a quiet whisper leading the way. My goals fall into the whisper category. Ask young children what they want to become when they grow up and you will often receive a lofty, and sometimes unrealistic, answer. Responses include football player, movie star, super hero, astronaut, fairy princess, and everything in between. I distinctly recall telling people that I wanted to be an ambassador. Where I got that, I don’t know. I knew nothing about the job except that an ambassador helped people learn to get along. As I grew older, my understanding of career choices grew along with me and I placed “ambassador” in with the group that contained fairy princesses and super heroes. In retrospect, I now know that “ambassador” was a whisper . I don’t believe I truly wanted to become an ambassador, but I did want to help people learn to get along and as a teacher and counselor, I have done that.I love school. I always have and I imagine I always will. As a young child, school was my haven. It was a place where I felt safe and secure and where I found escape from some of the more harsh realities of everyday life. School was where I lost myself in studies. I could easily become so immersed in a book that I actually felt part of the book. I can remember checking out a book from the school library for the first time. How exciting to be able to actually take a book home to read! This eye-opening experience expanded school for me, blurred the boundaries, and allowed me to carry school with me; regardless of where I was physically. I credit my decision to go into the field of education to my third grade teacher. She showered me with positive attention, encouraged me, nurtured me, and opened up a world of learning to me that had been hidden. My goals were whispered to me through her words and actions. Basically, she believed in me and in my ability to be successful in spite of circumstances that might indicate otherwise. When I learned I was assigned to her class, I cried and begged my parents to move me to the other teacher where my friends were. She had the reputation of being the “hard” teacher. In retrospect, having her was a blessing. I excelled in her class and emerged with a stronger and more positive belief in myself and my abilities to achieve.I graduated from high school and found myself at a crossroads. I knew I wanted to go to college, but I had little direction and far less confidence. It was one thing to excel for my third grade teacher but a far different thing to excel in college. I begin to think that maybe my becoming a teacher was about as likely as me becoming a football player for the Denver Broncos. As a first generation college student, the idea of going to college seemed more like a dream than a reality. I had not received preparation in high school and my parents, both high...

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