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Application Essay For Programming Studies

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“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing”.
This quote by Albert Einstein best describes my life. The inquisitive nature that I posses has helped me to improve my knowledge. A person, who is curious enough to dig deep, is always the one who achieves success. I would describe myself as a person who asks these intelligible questions in order to surpass an older me.
During my teenage in high school, I was praised as a person who is highly skilled in writing programs in computer languages. I feel proud of my ability to break the barriers that differentiated the languages that are being employed in the world today like C, C++ and Java. Since when I was introduced to the world of computer programming, I could see the minute similarities between the languages and could translate almost any program from one to another. My extraordinary skill in writing algorithms helped me in working for a project titled ‘Hotel Management using C++’ during the event ‘Insight 2009’ which was conducted by Tata Consultancy Services.
After the project, I wanted to extend my field of expertise beyond the world of programming. I could sense that my proficiency in programming was not enough to satisfy my hunger to know more and that my passion was always in electronics. I learnt the ways in which programming could be used in electronics related concepts, such as microprocessors and embedded systems. So, I decided to pursue a career that would make good use of my programming skills and at the same time improve my knowledge in the electronics field. This decision drove me to choose ‘Electronics and Communication Engineering’ as my major field of study for my undergraduate program. I got into Panimalar Engineering College, one of the best institutions in India.
What started off as a simple interest, soon evolved into an obsession in the field of electronics. My mind always desired to apply the concepts that I had learned into practice. Soon enough, I got my first opportunity in my second year, when I was given the approval for a project titled ‘Four Legged Robot’ with one of my peers under the guidance of my professor. During the project I had faced a few hurdles: I had to utilize certain concepts like microcontrollers and servo motors, which I only had heard of before but had no firsthand knowledge on how to apply. Nevertheless, with the dedication to learn new...

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