Application Essay To The Financial Risk Management Program

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My short-term goal is to help a firm manage its financial risk by developing and applying effective risk management strategies. My long term goal is to lead an enterprise wide risk management program for a multi-national company.

My experiences in IT Risk Services, Accounting Audit and Structured Finance Advisory Services at the Big Four firms helped shape my career goal and created a strong fascination for Financial Risk Management. These experiences taught me how risks affect organizations. I learnt how external factors such as market volatility, oil prices and internal factors such as bad business decisions increase a firm’s vulnerability to risk. I also learnt to identify, qualify and mitigate significant technology risks faced by businesses. However, through these experiences, I also realized that to identify financial risks and to mitigate them through effective strategies requires advanced education in the subject. My professional experience in Big Four served to increase my interest in risk management, but it is not sufficient to meet my long term goal. It has been humbling to find that my MBA in Finance although beneficial does not provide me the comprehensive training needed for Financial Risk Management in the current business environment. These deficiencies will inhibit me from progressing in my career path, particularly in my desired sector of financial services. At this pivotal point I believe that a Financial Risk Management program is an essential requirement for me. I also believe that now is the right time for me to pursue my education in Financial Risk Management because I have gained sufficient professional experiences to inform my future work and provide me with valuable depth and perspective while fulfilling my long term ambition.

An astute and analytical mind coupled with a strong appeal for science motivated me to do my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering. In 1999, upon graduation, I chose to work as a systems analyst for India’s leading IT Consulting Company. In 2001 avalanche of corporate accounting scandals rocked the world. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act came into force in 2002 and introduced major regulatory changes related to corporate governance and financial practices. Because of these new developments, there was never a more opportune time to pursue a career in business management, so I enrolled for an MBA program in 2002. My enthusiasm for a full time career in Risk Management sparked off in 2004 during my internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. This interest was further reinforced by my experiences in Audit and Compliance at Ernst & Young LLP and KPMG LLP. Five years later, as I successfully completed challenging audit of yet another difficult client, I was definite about my goal of pursuing a degree in Financial Risk Management.

I am extremely enthused by the tremendous opportunities that markets...

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