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Application For A Master In Civil Engineering

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University of Minnesota, Fall 2014

My tryst with Civil Engineering began with a stint at my uncle’s company, ‘Transys Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.’, which specializes in infrastructure construction. Over the years, my experience of working in certain areas of construction , ignited in me a deep interest and zeal to study Civil Engineering and ultimately make it my career choice.
I completed my under graduation in Civil Engineering from SRM university which is a ABET , USA accredited course. Pioneering courses such as Mechanics of Solids and Strength of Materials laid the foundation in Structural Engineering. I was further intrigued by Structural Analysis and Earthquake Resistant and Special Structures courses. I therefore decided to pursue my major in Structural Engineering and embrace it as my career option.
In my senior year, I had the opportunity to lead a team working on a project titled ‘Analyse and Design of a Water Supply Scheme to a Colony’. We analyzed the source of water, designed the intake structures such as RCC ground level reservoirs, RCC over head tanks, planned a distribution network and prepared comprehensive cost estimation. During the course of this project, I gained valuable experience in using professional software like STAAD.Pro, EPANET and AutoCAD.
My understanding further broadened with 2 internships of 2 weeks each that I underwent during my under graduation. The first internship was at Trident and Oberoi Hotels, Hyderabad where I was engaged in the design and execution of pile foundation and the pile load testing activity. As a result, I grasped the construction sequence of bored cast in-situ pile and its respective load testing using Kentledge method. My second internship was at Airport Authority of India site (Puducherry airport) where I was actively involved in the part execution of 1800m long runway. This provided me an opportunity to learn and execute the various structures of a road such as DBM, WMM, BC.
During my under graduation, I presented a paper named Ferrocement-Definition, scope and applications in construction in ADASTRA 2010, a national level technical symposium held at SNIST, Hyderabad. Subsequently, I presented a poster on Low cost housing using Ferrocement at the 98th Indian Science Congress held at SRM University, January’2011.
I was the Head-Finance & HR of AARUUSH’11, a student driven national level techno management fest of SRM University. As the finance head, I successfully planned and budgeted for a whopping amount of 8 million INR. As the Head-HR, I was...

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