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Application For Career In Financial Sector

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I have been constantly working with Microsoft Word to complete tasks for my financial modules, where I was able to create and enhance documents. After researching data, I created tables to illustrate my findings. Also, I have developed skills in Excel throughout my Financial Securities Valuation assignment by applying Excel’s formulas to construct a capitalisation-weighted index and an efficient portfolio. I worked with financial formulas for this assignment, in order to make portfolio calculations. In addition, my internship as a financial analyst improved further these skills. I organised data on spreadsheets to conduct financial reports, which allowed me to give investment recommendations. I constructed graphs on Excel from the data collected, as I needed to see past trends. Furthermore, last year’s Fundamentals of Finance assignment required a presentation analysing the financial performance of Rolls-Royce. Working with graphics on PowerPoint allowed me to illustrate graphs and charts to highlight the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses. Computer skills are essential in the financial sector and I have been working hard to develop them. I have been focusing mostly on Excel to improve my financial analytical skills.


Please answer all of the following questions using examples from either university or your work experience.

1. Tell us about yourself. What are you passionate about?

a.) Related to your education or studies/degree?

Developing good mathematical skills in school made me passionate about the financial world. I am interested how businesses apply mathematics to financial markets and resource allocation. Even before starting university, I read books used for the course to develop my understandings. Studying Finance with Management gives me the necessary knowledge of mathematical and statistical techniques relevant to finance. I enjoy my degree because I learn how to apply these techniques to financial markets and investment decisions.

b.) In your personal life?

Being updated with current events is essential for me. In fact, I am a regular reader of the Financial Times and The Economist. I am passionate about reading these newspapers because they extend bounds of my knowledge not only in finance, but also in business and economics. The section I read the most from The Economist is ‘Finance and Economics’, as it provides information relevant to my potential career in the financial sector. Furthermore, I always follow the development of stock indexes on Bloomberg because I find it interesting how share prices fluctuate differently around the world.

2. Can you give us an example of a successful team that you have been a member of?

• Why was it successful?

Last year’s group assignment for Fundamentals of Finance required a presentation illustrating the financial strengths and weaknesses of a company. Our group was successful because all three of us were motivated to...

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